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Midas Gold Inc. ("MGI") is a privately owned corporation and wholly owned subsidiary of Midas Gold Corp., which has assembled a large property position and historic exploration database at the Golden Meadows Project. The company owns or controls these mineral rights and lands under a variety of tenures. None of the MGI holdings are subject to back-in rights. On December 7, 2010, Vista Gold Corp. announced that it had entered into a letter of intent to combine Vista's Yellow Pine deposit, which Vista has reported as containing material gold mineral resources in the Golden Meadows project area, with MGI's interests, into Midas Gold Corp. As a result, as at September 2013, Vista is an approximate 25% shareholder of Midas Gold Corp.

Midas acquired 229 Federal Unpatented Claims by purchase from a prior owner in 2009. These include 46 Federal Mill Site Claims, totalling 93ha which carry surface use rights, but no mineral rights (Claim Group 1) and 183 Unpatented Federal Lode Mining Claims totalling approximately 1360ha (Claim Group 2). There is no underlying royalty on these federal lode claims.

In addition to the purchased claims, Midas acquired by staking on its own behalf an additional 177 Federal Unpatented Lode Mining Claims, totalling approximately 1,957ha since September of 2009 (Claim Group 3).

Midas acquired ownership of the "Bradley Patented Lands" by direct purchase of nine patented mining claims, totalling approximately 74ha, from the previous property owner in 2009 (Claim Group 4). These lands are subject to a "5% NSR" royalty interest owed to the J.J. Oberbillig Estate. This royal interest is currently under the control of MGI via a purchase option agreement with the J.J. Oberbillig Estate.

Midas has secured a purchase option agreement from the J.J. Oberbillig Estate in 2009 to acquire ownership of 30 Patented Federal Mill Site claims totaling approximately 60ha, which include both Surface and Mineral Rights (Claim Group 5). The surface right of portions of 30 of the Patented Federal Mill Site Claims was granted to Hecla Mining Company, however the mineral rights and right to explore and mine were retained to the J.J. Oberbillig Estate.Midas also secured a purchase option agreement from the J.J. Oberbillig Estate in 2009 to acquire ownership over six Patented Federal Lode Claims totalling approximately 50ha (Claim Group 6). The majority of the mineralization constituting the Hanger Flats Deposit is located within these six patented Lode Claims.